Publicación: 16/09/2021


AM Worldwide recommends to keep the original radiator in your automobile and rely on the reasons considered by automobile designers in using aluminum – plastic radiators.


Today, it is very common that new automobile radiator designs are provided with plastic.

Following, a brief description of how “PTR” have been included throughout the years in the automobile market.

Since 80’s, many automobile manufacturers had been using aluminum-copper made radiators and plastic tanks to some models.

Since 90’s, 80% approx. of automobile, small and big trucks radiators are provided with “PTR”.

Today, all OEM (Original Equipment Manifacturer) use aluminum/plastic radiators, manufacturers started using “PTR” for some reasons:
  • The use of plastic instead of metallic tanks (bronze-brass, aluminum or copper) lowered the weight in each radiator, this is somehow, fuel saving.
  • On the other hand, in the automobile industry, the assembly mechanization process with“PTR” is cleaner and faster.
  • Also, plastic tanks are cheaper than those metal-made (bronze-brass, aluminum or copper)

Many people have been misinformed believing that these radiators (aluminum-plastic made) cannot be repaired, as well as replacing plastic tanks for copper-brass made tanks, breaking the radiator originality.


In contrast, the majority of PTR can be repaired, and can be replaced by new plastic tanks when suffering breaks due to overheating or collisions.


As much as Manufacturers create new different design automobiles, their radiators become different.


Due to this, at AM Worldwide we keep a huge plastic tank inventory for different radiator brand-name and models, to facilitate a fast action regarding “PTR” service and repair, by keeping the radiator originality.


P.S: By using “PTR”, in repairing your automobile radiator, you are contributing to your personal savings and the environment.

“PTR” are completely recyclable.

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