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Black Epoxy

NET WT. 1.48 oz (44 cc)


It is recognized in the market due to its high resistance and versatility in both heavy duty and everyday solutions.

It can fix vehicle parts, metalworking, ceramics, glasses, as well as household items.

It also glues under water and is solvent resistant It is used by mechanics, blacksmiths, brass workers, carpenters, students, housewives, etc.

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Steel epoxy

NET WT. 34 cc

It was developed to be used as adhesive or anchor mortar between different construction materials.

This new formula offers longer lifespan for jobs subjected to extreme temperature and stress resistance conditions

(ideal for industries or heavy-duty jobs). It can be used to bond dry parts as well as those fully underwater.

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White Epoxy

NET WT. 1.48 oz (44 cc)

PEGATANKE®, in its need to innovate and respond to a demanding market, developed the White epoxy,

a glue that can be used on light-colored surfaces when it is necessary to preserve their aesthetics.

It is ideal for window frames, speedboats, and any fiberglass material. It has a wide variety of uses.

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Clear Epoxy

NET WT. 1.08 oz (32 cc)

Clear epoxy is a high-quality epoxy glue, designed for those jobs where we do not want to see the glue trace,

providing users with a more aesthetic finish.

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